The Restoration

After its residency at Spitalfields Market in 1992, A Quiet Afternoon in the Cloud Cuckoo Valley was in poor shape.

Owing to its placement in a series of water ponds – as Emett had intended – many of the wooden elements had rotten and/or become discoloured, and most of the steel elements had rusted. The collection was placed in storage for a period, but in 2012 the decision was taken to restore it to its former glory.

After 3 years of meticulous work, the artwork is now refurbished, renovated and rejuvenated, having undergone a comprehensive restoration by sculptor, artist and engineer Andy Hasler.

The Restoration, 2012-14

Andy Hasler

Andy Hasler’s own paintings and sculptures are regularly on display in galleries throughout the UK, and he has twice had work accepted for the Summer exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. He is uniquely well suited to restore Emett’s marvellous ‘things’, as he also has an engineering pedigree, having spent his early career as a restorer of Rolls Royce cars at P&A Woods – the only officially authorised restorers of Rolls Royce cars in the UK.

Andy has repaired and replaced numerous parts on the machines, repainted just about every centimetre of the work and has overseen the installation of a brand new, digital control system. The result? A Quiet Afternoon In The Cloud Cuckoo Valley is now in as good a condition as when Rowland Emett last saw it… if not a little better.

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