Playwright Charlotte Jones, author Laurence Scott, New Generation Thinkers Lisa Mullen and Iain Smith join Matthew Sweet.

Matthew Sweet visits Compton Verney Art Gallery with Lisa Mullen to see the exhibition, ‘Marvellous Mechanical Museum’ which re-imagines the spectacular automata exhibitions of the 18th century. Laurence Scott talks about the ideas in his book, ‘Picnic Comma Lightning’ which explores the way digital advances are changing the way we live and what we reveal about ourselves. And, from the Indian Superman to Batman in the Philippines, film historian and New Generation Thinker Iain Smith looks at the hidden history of unlicensed superhero films produced around the world. Charlotte Jones discusses her new play set in a Quaker community during the Napoleonic Wars.

The Marvellous Mechanical Museum is at Compton Verney until September 30th 2018.

Listen now to this interesting programme: